Missing persons – Ethiopian Jewry Heritage Center

Missing persons

One day, you left your home in order to follow a two-thousand year old dream – to reach Yerusalem, Jerusalem. Most of you led groups and convoys of people night and day, across hills and valleys, in the forests of Ethiopia and the deserts of Sudan, through thirst and hunger.
Not for a moment did you stop to think about yourself. You were focused on the lofty goal of saving as many Jews as possible and making their dreams a reality. You risked your life and served as a role model for everyone marching behind you on foot, tired and exhausted.
Decades went by, but you still haven’t reached the Yerusalem that you dreamed of. You left parents, siblings, and children behind.
We are already in the Promised Land, waiting and praying every day that you will finish your journey soon and realize your dream.
“Lift up your eyes on high and see, who created these, who takes out their host by number; all of them He calls by name; because of His great might and because He is strong in power, no one is missing.” (Isaiah 40:26)