Continuing Education and Seminars - Ethiopian Jewry Heritage Center

Continuing Education and Seminars

Primary Objective

To present the culture and heritage of the Beta Israel community to Israeli society. Our hope is to showcase and preserve the cultural assets of the Beta Israel community as much as possible, thereby highlighting these traditional values and making them accessible to everyone.

Secondary Objectives

• Introduction to the heritage, culture, leadership, and customs of the Beta Israel community. This will provide the community with an opportunity to offer all Israeli citizens a taste of its diverse historical treasures.
• Cultivation of appreciation for the heritage, culture, efforts, and contribution of the community’s leaders.
• Cultivation of a sense of inclusion and openness toward the unique and different aspects of Ethiopian Jewish heritage and customs.
• Integration of the study of the community’s culture in all relevant disciplines, and promoting its inclusion in all areas of life in Israeli society.

Target audience: All citizens of the State of Israel, including students, IDF soldiers and commanders, Israel Police officers, fire fighters and rescue professionals, medical professionals, and academics. An additional target audience is tourists visiting Israel.