About the Archive - Ethiopian Jewry Heritage Center

About the Archive

The archive of the Ethiopian Jewry Heritage center collects, records, and preserves archival material, in order to tell the story of Ethiopian Jewry. The archive’s collections include documents, photographs, videos, audio recordings, newspaper clippings, art pieces, and display items. The archival material is a testimony of Jewish life in Ethiopia, the rich culture of Ethiopian Jewry, their struggle for recognition as Jews, their journeys to the land of Israel, and their absorption in Israel.
In addition to the importance of the archival material, the primary information about the heritage and ancient traditions of Ethiopian Jews was passed down orally for generations. In order to preserve this knowledge and pass it on to the next generations, the Ethiopian Jewry Heritage Center initiated a video documentation project of the spiritual leadership, elders of the community, prisoners of Zion, and aliyah activists. The life stories of the community’s elders create a full mosaic that reflects the diverse heritage of the Ethiopian Jewish community.
The archive of the Ethiopian Jewry Heritage Center continues to collect archival materials. If you have documents, photographs, videos, recordings, certificates, or other relevant items, please send them to our archive and take part in preserving the heritage of Ethiopian Jewry. We are constantly working on cataloging the materials kept in the archive and making them accessible to the general public, subject to the Archives Law, the Freedom of Information Law, the Privacy Protection Law, and the Copyright Law. Perusal and use of the archival materials published here on the website are subject to the terms of use on the website of the Ethiopian Jewry Heritage Center.