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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy for: EthiopianJHC.org.il

This website is meant for private use only, not for commercial use.
Use of this website is subject to the terms set forth below.
Using this website and/or the information included therein constitutes unrestricted consent to the terms included in these Terms of Use. Therefore, we would appreciate if you could please read these terms thoroughly before you use the website and then confirm the Terms of Use that appear at the end.
Website users who are minors – The following Terms of Use will also apply to minors based on their responsibility pursuant to the law for any damage caused due to a violation of these terms.
The website operator, as defined below, reserves the right to update these Terms of Use periodically, at its discretion, and is not required to provide prior notice. Any change will take effect from the moment it is published. Every time the website is accessed, the most updated version of the Terms of Use will be available for your perusal.
The website is managed and operated by an organization founded by virtue of the Center for Ethiopian Jewish Heritage Law - 2012 (hereinafter: the “Center” and/or the “Site Operator”). Wherever the lack of liability of the Site Operator is mentioned, the intention is also to the lack of liability of the employees, managers, owners, and those operating on its behalf or in its name.
The provisions of these Terms of Use are worded in the masculine form for convenience, but apply to both genders.

A.        General

  1. The information provided on this website is made accessible to you openly and free of charge, and reading or using it does not constitute the creation of an agreement and/or any undertaking between the user and the Site Operator and/or its representative and/or any other person related in any way whatsoever, directly and/or indirectly, to the website and/or to the information found therein.
  2. Some of the content, announcements, photographs, texts, and so forth (hereinafter: the “Information” or the “Content”) included on the website were provided by third parties, and therefore may not be up to date or edited in a uniform manner. The Site Operator does not commit that the Information will suit the users’ needs and will not be responsible for the degree of precision or correctness of its Content.
  3. In light of the fact that some of the Information and Content appearing on the website was provided by third parties who are not the Site Operator, the Site Operator will not be responsible for any violation of the intellectual property laws, including copyright infringement, defamation, slander, violation of privacy, or a violation of any other law, including the exposure of private documents and trade secrets.
  4. Use of the Content in contravention of the Terms of Use could constitute a violation of copyright and/or of any other right belonging to third parties.
  5. Permission for users to copy Information from the website, including text and/or an image and/or any other data, is limited to items regarding which explicit permission has been granted and is pursuant to the Terms of Use specified. This option constitutes permission for individual use that is not for marketing, publication, or commercial purposes.
  6. When any Information is used, appropriate credit must be given to the owners of the Information and to the Site Operator, in a clear and prominent manner. Whenever possible, a link to the website should be included.
  7. The website is open to the entire public for use. Some of the services require registration. These services may be sued after the registration process is completed, and after your explicit consent to the Terms of Use has been granted. Your account may not be transferred to a third party, for consideration and/or without consideration.

B.        Privacy Policy

  1. The Site Operator is entitled to collect and use Information provided by you upon registration and/or Information collected about you, including while using the website, in order to improve, enrich, or change the website, and in order to update you regarding services offered by the Site Operator, including marketing material, event announcements, sending of questionnaires, surveys, and articles. In addition, the Site Operator is entitled to use this information for marketing and statistical purposes, for its exclusive use. It is clarified and agreed by you that when using and/or registering on the website, the Site Operator will be authorized to install files on your computer that allow the Site Operator to identify the viewer when viewing the website (Cookies). Removal of these files will be performed by the browser that you are using and pursuant to the manufacturer instructions of the browser.
  2. You are not authorized to create a different database that is based on the Information database of the Site Operator; the database, fully or partially, may not be copied, distributed, or published without the prior written consent of the Site Operator. The database may not be used in a manner that could disrupt and/or damage the database.

C.      Copyrights and Intellectual Property

  1. The copyrights and intellectual property on the website, for the services offered, and for the Information included therein, are owned by the Site Operator or owned by third parties who have authorized the Site Operator to use them as part of the website.
  2. Anyone quoting from the Content on the website must note the source of the quote(s). The material may not be twisted, tampered with, or changed in any manner, and no harmful act may be performed to the material that may infringe upon the honor or name of the copyright holder. The Information may not be copied, distributed, broadcasted, or published in any place, format, or at any time, and via any media of any type (radio, television, newspaper, etc.), including digitally, without the prior written consent of the rightsholders of the Information. The website, database, or the Information included therein may not be used commercially in any manner.
  3. All notices or symbols regarding intellectual property rights, such as – the copyright symbol ©, or the trademark symbol ®, appearing alongside Content that is used may not be removed.
  4. The Site Operator will make every effort to prevent the violation of rights, and in the event that a violation is discovered, will make an immediate effort to remove the violating Information as soon as the rightsholders of the Information make contact.

D.        Links

  1. The website contains links or references to other websites that are not owned by the Site Operator and that are intended for the convenience of the users only, facilitating access to content published on the internet. The content on other websites has not been published by the Site Operator or on its behalf, and it is not responsible and does not control nor supervise this content. The fact that the forum’s website connects to this content does not constitute consent to the content and does not constitute a guarantee that it is reliable, updated, or legal, or regarding the practices of the owners of the content in terms of privacy or any other aspect related to their operations. The Site Operator does its utmost to ensure that the references are from proper websites only, but you may find that this content does not suit your needs, or that you are opposed to this content, or that you feel that they are outrageous, aggravating, improper, illegal, or immoral. The Site Operator is not responsible for the content to which the links direct and is not responsible for any damage that may be caused as a result of their use or by relying on them.
  2. The following provisions will apply to the use of these links, and they do not derogate from the other Terms of Use. Regarding links to external websites, unless otherwise noted on this website, the Site Operator and the owners of third party websites do not have any legal or commercial relationships; the Site Operator has no control over or right to the material on these websites, and is not responsible for the content of the material found on third party websites.
  3. Without derogating from the foregoing, the Site Operator is not responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that will be caused to the users as a result of using or relying upon the Information and Content appearing on the websites that they have reached via or by using or accessing a link found on the forum website.
  4. The Site Operator does not undertake that the links found on the website will be correct and will lead you to an active website, and it is entitled to remove links that were included in the past, or to refrain from adding new links – all according to its exclusive discretion.

E.      Lack of Liability

  1. The service is provided “As Is” and the Site Operator does not bear responsibility for the service and/or for the suitability of the service to the users’ needs, characteristics, capabilities, or limitations regarding the usage.
  2. In addition, there may be errors, contradictions, or discrepancies, and so forth, and the Site Operator is not responsible for any damage caused as a result of reliance on the Information.
  3. Responsibility for using the website and the Information databases of the Site Operator belongs to the user only.
  4. The Site Operator secures the Information on the website using advanced information security systems. At the same time, it cannot guarantee that the services and the Information on the website and servers will be completely immune to penetration and/or penetration attempts to computers, and the Site Operator is not responsible for any damage caused to data and/or documents and/or databases and/or any other information transferred to its possession and found in the Information databases, including loss of the data and the Information as aforementioned.
  5. The Site Operator does not undertake that the service provided by the website will be provided regularly, without pauses or disturbances, and/or will be immune to illegal access, damages, malfunctions, flaws, failures of hardware, software, or communication lines of the Site Operator or any of its suppliers.
  6. The Site Operator will not bear the responsibility for any damage caused to a user or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of using the service, including damage caused by using software applications downloaded directly from the service or operated as a result of using the service, and responsibility for the manner in which they use the service will lie with the users alone.
    7 The Site Operator will not bear any responsibility for publications by third parties as a result of the publication of Content on the website, including not for publications or information or content appearing in search engines such as Google, Bing, and so forth, and will not be responsible for removal of content published on these websites (such as a search engine index).

F. Website Changes and Termination of Service

  1. The Site Operator reserves the right to make any change to the website, including to its structure, the services it offers, their content, scope, and availability, the links, and any other change as it sees fit, pursuant to its sole discretion and without any need to provide prior notice of such on the website.
  2. The users will not bear any claim or action against the Site Operator in respect of the implementation of such changes, or due to malfunctions that occur as a result of their implementation.
  3. The Site Operator is entitled to decide at any time to take down the website and cease to provide the services offered.
  4. We hope that the services offered on the website will be helpful to you. We would be happy to receive feedback and comments.

G.       Indemnification

  1. You hereby undertake to indemnify the Site Operator, its employees, managers, or its representatives in respect of any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment, or expense that is caused to it, including legal fees and court expenses, due to a violation of these Terms of Use.
  2. In addition, the Site Operator, its employees, managers, or its representatives will be indemnified in respect of any claim, action, and/or demand raised against them by a third party with respect to information or content that you provided for publication.

H. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

1. Regarding use of the website and Information databases, the laws of the State of Israel will apply exclusively. The exclusive jurisdiction in respect of any matter or issue arising from these Terms of Use or from using the website and the Information databases lies solely with the competent courts in Tel Aviv. 2. Regarding any question related to use of the website, please contact us using the Contact Us form